Questions & Answers

Why is it important to use inspectors who are experienced in the Las Vegas market?

Though code books are the same nationally, different jurisdictions enforce different revisions of codes. Many customers struggle with inspectors who are flown in to perform an inspection and consequently evaluate the customer’s equipment through the lens of their own jurisdiction and not that of our local one. To complicate things further, when issues are identified, customers are stuck waiting for the inspector to make their return to the area to clear violations. Our team specializes in the Las Vegas market not just because we work here, but because we live here. Follow ups are as simple as us driving down the street.

Are all Inspection Companies the same?

Most Authorized Inspection Companies offer the same services, but the truth is that no two companies are the same. Don't let other companies make you feel like a transaction. Communication, experience, and a relationship that extends beyond the date of your inspection are some of the things you should look for in your current or future inspection agency. It is our goal at MCM to provide a notably better service experience. 

Why do I need a Third-Party Inspector? Doesn't my Elevator Service Contractor perform my state required inspections?

In the State of Nevada all inspections must be witnessed by a Qualified Elevator Inspector (QEI). The State of Nevada Inspection Team witnesses the inspections of new construction vertical transportation to ensure that brand new equipment is being installed in accordance with the code year in which it is installed. They also witness the inspection of any vertical transportation that has undergone a permitted alteration. All other inspections are to be witnessed by Third-Party Inspectors. Our job is to ensure code compliance is maintained and establish another level of accountability to ensure the safety of the riding public. We are all on the same team, and safety is our goal.