Where experience and integrity lead the way to safe and reliable vertical transportation here in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Who We Are

A locally owned and operated Elevator Inspection Agency that specializes in this uniquely ever changing market, our owners and inspectors have experience in every facet of the Elevator Industry and know how important it is to provide building owners and elevator service providers  the valuable information they need to ensure our riding public remains safe. We value safety above all else and through this lens we are able to provide a clear and concise code compliant path to a safer, more reliable piece of equipment. By using tips and tricks we've learned throughout the many years of experience in this industry you, your property, and your service provider will appreciate the simple approach to reporting techniques that ensure your property doesn't suffer the common fate that many often do. Let us partner with you and your team to prevent your vertical transportation equipment from wasting valuable time and resources. Call us for a free one on one discovery call to see how we can help you! 

Are you a Elevator Service Provider needing code guidance?

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