Your One Stop Inspection Station!

Here in the State of Nevada all vertical transportation requires third-party witnessed inspections. If you have an elevator, escalator, moving walk, dumbwaiter, wheel chair lift, or material lift, you will need an inspector to witness the respective bi-annual, annual, or 5 year inspections performed on your equipment. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and provide our customers easy to understand descriptions and explanations for code related deficiencies. As inspectors, our sole focus is the safety of the riding public and minimizing your exposure to liability in the litigious times we find ourselves in.

We also offer our services to clear violations written by other third-party inspection agencies for those last minute emergencies. Contact us for details!


We work with your service provider to come up with the most convenient time to remove your equipment from service to mitigate customer delays and dissatisfactions. If you need any inspections outside of normal working hours, let us know! We're here for you. Our local inspectors have the flexibility to provide off hour service as well as last minute scheduling needs.